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In today’s modern world no business is completely immune to cyber security threats. In fact, businesses of all sizes have already experienced cyber threats like ransomware, phishing, and brute force attacks of all kinds.

But with Symmetric IT Group as your trusted Managed IT Service Provider, your company will have what it takes to avoid cyber attacks and to minimize the impact new threats can have on your business.

With a multi-layered comprehensive approach for Information Security, the Cybersecurity experts at Symmetric IT Group will implement forward thinking security best practices to keep your data secure and your infrastructure safe.

Security that never quits.

Build up your business with solid technology, dedicated technicians, and strategic Managed IT Support.

Cyberthreats never stop evolving and hackers never stop looking for new ways to infiltrate your network.

Because of this, our Information Security Stack never gives up and never stops evolving. We do everything we can to keep our security platform up to date with the most advanced solutions available in the industry.

Security for Managed IT Services and Support

our secure plan of action




Once you are ready to begin, we start with a Full Systems Security Audit to find gaps and areas of improvement.


Our engineers design an Information Security Stack built for your business's benefit, involving layered protection that covers internal and external threats

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Then we approach the least invasive way to organically change your information security protection by letting us take care of it all — the patches, updates, upgrades, and installs.

Protect your business with Symmetric IT Group Services, HIPAA certified.

Symmetric IT Group has received the HiPAA Seal of Compliance, showing our dedication and implementation of advanced security practices. As a HIPAA certified IT provider, we follow the privacy, security, and breach notification protocols that make us the best option to protect your business.

We use the highest standards for sensitive client and patient data protection because we know keeping your patient’s data safe is one of your top priorities. Cyberthreats continue to multiply, and criminals are using a myriad of tactics to gain access to businesses like yours every day. Protect your business with Symmetric IT Group Services, HIPAA certified.

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Grow Your Business Now

Many business leaders are frustrated by the issues, cost, and increasing complexity of IT systems. We offer professional Managed IT Services that identify technology gaps, business and cybersecurity risks, then correct, protect, and proactively monitors systems. So, you have predictable costs, better business operations, and confidence that IT is working for your business.

Symmetric Security Essentials Pack for M365

Symmetric IT Group Managed Services clients can subscribe to our security pack, which comes with the following enhancements for Microsoft 365. Pricing varies depending on the size of your organization.

Real time location monitoring

We monitor the login locations for every sign in, and alert on activities outside of expected regions.

External forward monitoring

We monitor automatic forwarding rules. A common tactic employed by hackers to exfiltrate data.

Mailbox auditing

Logs actions taken by users in their and other’s mailboxes.

M365 License tracker

Get notified every time a license is added or removed from your account, and receive a monthly report of all licenses, use, and assignments.

Email Spoofing Protection

Get a warning when an external user attempts to impersonate any internal user, including managers.

Monthly Security Report

A detailed report of several key system and security aspects of your M365 tenant. A necessity for regulated industries, and great peace of mind for everyone else.

Admin role tracking

Office 365 Admin role changes are monitored and reported daily. Get alerted if a hacker has added themselves.

External Sender Warnings

Adds a banner message to emails that come from outside the company.

Audit Logging

Logging and auditing is enabled across all Office 365 services and mailboxes.

MFA Secured

Multi-factor authentication is enabled and enforced for all users.

Professional Management

Symmetric IT Group monitors and manages your M365 tenant, keeping you up to date on all the latest security and productivity best practices.

Videos on Security Essentials

M365 Admin Monitoring

M365 Email Forwarder

M365 Email Spoofing

M365 Location Monitoring

M365 Port Mapper

M365 Security Report