Cybersecurity Practices Used By Local Tampa Businesses

Tampa Cybersecurity Practices
Tampa Cybersecurity Practices

With the increase in Ransomware Attacks occurring across all industries, the team at Symmetric IT Group became curious about what Tampa Florida businesses are currently using to protect their data. With this growing curiosity, we put a poll and survey out on social media asking local business connections to inform us of their IT practices. The results were both interesting and insightful, so we thought we would share some of the key findings regarding cybersecurity practices.

Poll Findings

Top Data Protection Practices

The main question we asked in our poll was, “What does your business use to protect its data?” Among the choices were – data backup, disaster recovery planning, encryption, firewall, antivirus, and finally, more than one or all the above. Thankfully, most companies said they use more than one or even all of the data protection options listed.

All other services besides encryption tied for 27%, while encryption only hit 9% of respondents as the top data protection choice. In today’s cybersecurity landscape, companies are no longer safe with one security tool, hackers are smart enough to bypass that and get into your network. When companies build strong security stacks by combining those tools, that is when their data is best protected.

While these responses were useful in gauging a general idea of what local businesses’ security practices are, the survey we put out dived much deeper. With 125 respondents, we had a solid pool of information to study.

Survey Findings

Beyond asking Tampa businesses what data protection tools they use, our survey also asked questions like, “Does your business have cybersecurity and phishing training, and how often?,” and “Do you think your business is too small to small to be attacked by Ransomware?” 82% of survey respondents confirmed they do have an IT provider for their business. This gave us hope that these individuals would have been well educated on the importance of cybersecurity by their providers.

Cybersecurity Education

This was true for the bulk of respondents. 93% confirmed they do have cybersecurity and phishing training. Of those, 25% have it once a month or more, making this pool of businesses the most secure. 33% of respondents stated they receive training every 6 months or less than once a year. With cybercriminals constantly evolving, this could lead to vulnerabilities for these businesses. If your business falls into that less frequent category, consider asking Symmetric IT Group about how you can get comprehensive training for your team.

The 2 questions that garnered the most interesting responses regarded if businesses thought they were too small to have a cyber-attack carried out on them, as well as what percentage of businesses respondents thought had a successful email attack happen to them over the last year.

35% of individuals think their business is too small to be attacked by Ransomware. If no one has told you this before, let us be the first to say your business is NOT too small to be the target of an attack. A hacker strikes every 39 seconds, and everyone is a potential target. Just because we continue to see large corporations in the news regarding cyberattacks doesn’t mean it isn’t happening to the little guys, it just isn’t all over the news.

Phishing Attacks – Protect Your Business

The last thing we want to inform people about is the frequency of successful email attacks. Respondents believed 43% of businesses had been successfully attacked in the last year. However, the real statistic is much higher. 74% of businesses have been successfully phished in the last year. Do not let your business be next. There are simple things you can do today to stop any of these scary statistics from including your business in them.

  • First, make sure your team is being frequently trained on phishing and cybersecurity practices. Helping them understand the importance of the role they play in keeping the business secure is crucial.
  • Second, stray from using just ONE data protection tool. Building a solid security stack is what’s required in today’s security landscape.
  • Third, you do not have to do this alone! Having an MSP as your IT partner means your systems are being monitored 24/7. We are always here for you and will catch a problem before you will.

Get IT Support & Cybersecurity Services Today

The survey and poll results were very eye-opening for us and we hope they were for you as well. Give your business the data protection and Tampa IT Support it deserves. We can help your Florida business use the best cybersecurity practices. Reach out to us today to get started.

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