How Email Security Can Save Your Business

Email Security Can Save Your Business

We are seeing phishing attacks not only targeting our own team members on occasion but with many of our clients. 74% of businesses have been the victim of a successful phishing attack. This means that not only are businesses that haven’t been targeted going to be targeted but that the likely hood of these attacks being successful is even higher. Email security can save your business.

The Weakest Link

The weakest link in most businesses is still the people. While human emotion is a wonderful thing, it is what cybercriminals know to target to bypass systems, and they know the best and easiest way to do this is through email.

Email Security Strategy

Default email security that most email providers provide (Gmail, Outlook, etc) is a good place to start, but it should absolutely not be the end-all to the security strategy for any sized business. Most email providers offer 2FA (which a lot of people don’t set up), a backup email, or phone number to include for security reasons, and some other minor tools like spam scanning. Most employees will automatically make these tools obsolete by skipping the 2FA or clicking ‘stay logged in’, and will allow for spam to leak into the main inbox, leaving them wide open to fall prey to a hacker.

Investing in your business’s email security strategy will save you money in the long run. Most phishing attacks and ransomware cost businesses upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars if it doesn’t completely ruin their reputation and shut the business down entirely along the way.

Cybersecurity Recommendations

We recommend using an outside email security vendor who specialized in setting up safeguards for your business’s email accounts. We use three who provide everything we need to have peace of mind regarding our team’s emails. The first tool is a spam and malicious threat detection tool. It scans emails before they hit your inbox and filters out those it reads as possibly being spam or phishing. The user can then look at the report of the filtered emails and release emails it approves as safe. The second tool is a login monitor and password manager, which alerts a user if their login is being activated from an unfamiliar location. The third tool is a Dark Web monitor, which can show businesses if any of their email accounts are being sold on the Dark Web.

Take Your Email To The Next Level With Us

Email security can save your business. While even having just one of these tools on top of your normal email defenses is helpful, having a layered security stack is best. We also recommend training your employees regularly on what to look out for regarding Phishing. Stay safe out there and reach out to us to get your Email Security started.

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