Huntress: Stopping Hackers Before They Strike

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Symmetric IT Group is proud to announce we have now partnered with Huntress, adding to the Cybersecurity Stack we provide to our clients. One tried and true thing about working in the IT industry is that things are constantly innovating and changing. While advancements are being made to technology tools, the cyber threat landscape is also evolving, hackers are getting smarter and more successful by the day.

Due to these constant changes, we are always researching the best of the best to make sure we’re providing our clients with the most comprehensive security stack possible, and adding Huntress to our toolkit is doing just that.

What is Huntress?

Huntress is a Security Platform that searches and eliminates hackers who have gained access to your systems without detection. On top of that, it also proactively hunts for suspicious activity and weak security practices, and delivers detailed incident reports surrounding any breaches or attacks.

The Results Speak For Themselves

In the short time we’ve had Huntress, we have already seen incredible results for our clients. With Hurricane Ian having recently hit Florida, many were focused on the safety of their families and homes, rightfully so. However, with focus elsewhere and work coming second over the last week, many were on low alert regarding their business’s technology and systems.

After deploying Huntress for one of our Florida Manufacturing clients, we received a Critical Alert about a machine. The team at Huntress reviewed and made the decision to isolate the computer that generated the alert and then our team jumped into action to attend to the suspicious alerts.

One of our Senior Service Technicians, Jim, was able to locate a banking keylogger that watches unknowing devices to obtain IDs and passwords. Jim made sure to secure the machine and have the entire targeted team change their credentials.

Let Us Stop Cyberattacks

This attempted Cyberattack and the way our team handled it is a great example of how having a human element combined with advanced cybersecurity tools is the best way to truly secure your business. Things happen. Sometimes your team is distracted and can’t make IT their number one priority, and to be honest, it probably isn’t their job.

That is where we come in. We care deeply about helping businesses succeed through technology and make sure we become your Strategic IT Partner in our process of becoming your IT department. If you’ve been looking for Managed IT Services and Cybersecurity, book a free no-obligation call with us today to learn how we can help.

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You should be able to run your business without having to worry about managed it support or the security of your data.

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