Taking Easy Password Management Into Your Own Hands

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The days of relying on expensive, enterprise-focused software to manage your business’s admin and service accounts are over. Easy password management is here.

At Symmetric IT Group, we include Privileged Access Management software in our cybersecurity suite to protect your business’ accounts and sensitive data using tools designed for a growing business’ needs.  

Our easy password management cybersecurity tool keeps your team productive by pairing self-service password resets to get employees back online as quickly as possible with cross-platform end user verification. This latest addition to Symmetric IT Group also offers protection against ransomware, key-logging malware, social engineering and man-in-the-middle attacks.  

Symmetric IT Group Identity and Access Management 

Symmetric IT Group’s Identity and Access Management is designed to help MSPs simplify their end user identity verification and manage user accounts from one convenient dashboard with key PSA integrations. This solution pairs self-service password resets with laser fast identity verification and centralized account management. Now, your team will have an intuitive solution to password resets by leveraging intuitive mobile and web apps with flexible and timely notifications. 

Key Features 

  • Self-Service Password Resets 
  • Biometric Authentication 
  • End User Identity Verification 
  • Centralized Account Management 
  • Direct Integrations with our multi-tenant Privileged Access Management platform and dashboard 
  • Works easily with your existing IT infrastructure 
  • Office 365 Password Sync 

Privileged Access Management Platform 

Symmetric IT Group’s Privileged Access Management platform brings privileged, service and local account management to our team’s cybersecurity offering. This product proactively fills critical security gaps in your IT infrastructure to deter threats like ransomware attacks, key logging malware, and other cyber attacks. With these new tools, we can regularly rotate privileged, service and local admin account passwords and add another layer of security to your systems. Trust us to make sure only your authorized users have access to sensitive accounts. 


  • Daily Password Rotation of Privileged Accounts 
  • Critical Privileged Account Monitoring 
  • Centralized Account Management 
  • Credential Business Continuity 

What We Protect You From 

  • Ransomware Prevention  
  • Key-Logging Malware Attacks  
  • Brute Force Attacks  
  • Credential Stuffing  
  • Password Spraying Attacks 
  • Insider Threats 
  • Mitigates lateral movement and privilege escalation 
  • Documentation Provider Outages and Breaches 

Make Your Life Easier Today

There’s no reason to put up with the dreaded, old-timey password practices anymore. No more waiting for your IT support to get back to you later while you wait to have your password reset. No more worrying about whether or not someone is going to crack your password and steal all your information because you keep forgetting to update and change it.

Simpler password practices are at your disposal, you just have to take the leap to use them! We are here to help you with all of your password and privileged access needs. Feel free to reach out to Symmetric IT Group learn more and get started today.

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