The Symmetric Journey

The Symmetric Journey
The Symmetric Journey
Get the best IT Support and Managed Security Services With The Symmetric Journey

The Symmetric Journey is the perfect way to get started with IT support and services. Our proven process guides you through every step, ensuring that you receive the best possible experience. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality IT support and Managed Security Services available, and with The Symmetric Journey, we can do just that. Get started on your IT journey today – there’s no better time than now! In this blog, we break down what the Symmetric Journey looks like for someone becoming a new client.

Marketing Process

We want to make sure everyone we partner with and bring into the process aligns with our company and wants to become our strategic IT partner. When you take on SIG, we are becoming your IT department by optimizing your IT Support. Because of this, we like to highlight the 3 Uniques that make us stand apart from other MSPs.

Three Uniques

  • Client Experience – personable service team while striving for quick response times.​
  • Strategic Partner – we become your IT department.​
  • Proactive – continuously finding the best solution for our client’s technology needs.

Sales Process

Once you’ve reached out to us, we begin showing you how SIG can bring value to your business. Helping companies since 2008, we have established strong Core Values and Core Solutions that have been proven to propel your business forward through technology.

Our Core Values

  • Take Pride in What You do – Be accountable & Dependable​
  • Be a Team Player – Always have each other’s back​
  • Have Self-Motivation – Strive for excellence​
  • Genuinely Care for Others – Treat everyone with respect​

Our Core Solutions

  • Centralized Services – Monitoring | Maintenance | Managed IT Security | SaaS​
  • Technology Alignment – Vendor Management | Reporting | Procurement | Business Goals​
  • vCIO Services – Technical Strategic Meetings | Design & Implementation | Project Management​
  • Support Services – Help Desk | Phone & Remote | On-Site

Becoming a Client & Onboarding Process

Once you and your team decide to move forward with Symmetric IT Group, we work with the Service team to get the client set up in our Remote Management system. We then create the link between Business Management & our Remote Management systems.​ Now the client is ready for the On-Boarding Process.​

From there, the sales rep/account manager will get with vCIO & Service Manager to determine primary & secondary techs for the new client.​ Our vCIO or primary tech will send over a Client Discovery form to gather the information needed to smoothly transfer the account over to SIG. We will enter all of the information into our Document Management system.​

Top Client Experience & Value

We strive for our clients to have a Great Experience through our personable Service team that can speak to all levels of employees while producing quick response times regarding your IT Support and Services. To accomplish this, we have the following items in place:​ welcome letter, monthly reporting, ticket surveys, account management, and technical strategic assessments.

We also create value for our clients by providing useful products and services that our clients consider worthy of their time, energy, and money. We have created these value adds to accomplish this:​ vendor management, procurement services, SaaS services, and continuous review of technology standards.

Provide Support Services

Now your business is ready to receive our top IT services! Our main IT solution is to provide Support Services through our Monitoring, Phone & Remote, and On-Site Services. To accomplish this, we have two (2) main Managed Services plans as well as a Co-Managed option:​

  • Standard MSA – Monitoring, Maintenance, Reporting, TSM’s, and Vendor Management. This plan also includes Unlimited Phone & Remote. On-Site is billable and conducted on a per-basis need.​
  • Elite MSA – Monitoring, Maintenance, Reporting, TSM’s, and Vendor Management. This plan also includes Unlimited Phone & Remote and Unlimited On-Site. Specialized Projects are treated as billable.​
  • Co-Managed Plan – Optional 3rd plan designed to work with clients that have an internal IT Department but need assistance for day-to-day support and/or specialized services.​

We provide these tier options so that you can choose a plan that works best for your business. We handle each plan with client care and support to ensure your technology is helping you succeed.

Start Your Symmetric Journey Today

So, what are you waiting for? Give your Florida business the Managed IT Services it deserves. Technology plays an integral part in every business today, so give your business the competitive edge it needs to run seamlessly and securely with The Symmetric Journey. Book a free consultation below or call 813-749-0895.

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You should be able to run your business without having to worry about managed it support or the security of your data.

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