3 Mantras to Live By for Everyday IT Success

3 Mantras to Live By for Everyday IT Success

With so many technical terms to know and processes to understand, one might think that the only possible way to take care of your IT infrastructure is to hire professionals to monitor and maintain every aspect of it. While there is certainly a lot of truth to this statement, and working with professionals presents a ton of value, it doesn’t take a genius to implement small, common-sense practices that can compound over time. Here are three mantras that you can adopt to help your business have IT success long-term.

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It

Whenever you get the chance to add new technology to your infrastructure, you might leap at the opportunity to try something new and innovative. This is the “shiny new toy” syndrome where you purchase something impulsively, thinking that it’s the next big thing, without looking at your infrastructure and seeing if you actually need it. While it can sometimes be beneficial to implement new technology to solve a problem, it might be worth looking into your current infrastructure to see if you already have technology that can address the problem.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

On a similar note, adding new technology to your infrastructure on a whim to just implement something new can make your network more complicated. When your network becomes more complicated, you are adding more opportunities for things to go wrong, impeding IT success. Perhaps your many different solutions won’t play nice together, or the increasingly larger number of endpoints added to your infrastructure creates more openings for hackers to infiltrate your system. Regardless, adding too much too fast can create more work than necessary and pose a marked security risk for your business.

Hope for the Best, but Prepare for the Worst

This one’s a classic. You can hope all you want for things to go your way, but on the off-chance that they do not, you need to be ready to respond. This is especially important in the realms of cybersecurity and data backup. While you certainly hope to never have to address security concerns or restore data backups in the event of a disaster, it certainly helps to be prepared for them. Comprehensive solutions that address both of these pain points are critical to prepare you for the difficult situations they will impose on your organization.

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