Three Considerations That Can Save You Money on Your Technology

Three Considerations That Can Save You Money on Your Technology

If you are on the purchasing end of software, you know it can be pretty expensive and it can cost just as much or more to maintain over its lifecycle. Do you know what is even more expensive? Not having a plan for either thing. This month, we thought we would discuss some topics that can help save you money on technology. 

You Are Overpaying for Software

Studies show that nearly one-third of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications go unused over any given month. This is a lot of wasted money. Why does it happen? Most of the time businesses will buy SaaS applications to try and get advanced software to help run their company, give employees the tools they need to succeed, and better promote their products and services. 

The thing is, if you have SaaS applications (user accounts) that aren’t being utilized, it is just flushing money down the drain. You need to regularly assess your cloud computing spend and ensure that you are paying for the software your business needs and not more of it.

Not All Users Need High End Workstations

It would be nice to be able to buy top-of-the-line workstations for everyone in your organization. Unfortunately, the better the computer, the more expensive it is. Most of the workers in your organization don’t need high-end computers to facilitate their work. So while you may justify this as an investment that will pay for itself over time, that can be a misguided notion.

The reason is that most computers have a definitive timeline where they run optimally. It doesn’t matter what processor or RAM the machine has in it, computer components are prone to failure after a few really good years, especially for machines that are being used for business purposes. We recommend if your device is over 5 years old, to consider upgrading. By assessing what the computing needs of each position are, and purchasing hardware commensurate with those needs, you can save your business a lot of money on hardware.

Vendors Don’t Have a Say

Vendors that provide all the useful technology can be problematic for your business. This is because they always command attention, trying to upsell you on the services and products you have already purchased through them. While having vendors that you can trust is a major benefit, they are always looking to squeeze a little more money out of your business. 

While you may have committed time and money to technology through a certain vendor for some time, you can always save money by shopping around as your vendor contracts come up. This is because a lot of businesses, including the ones you currently work with, will run promotions that can cut your technology spending significantly. Getting the best technology for the best price can really be a benefit for your business. We provide Vendor Management services to help optimize this as well.

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