Why Routinely Patching Your Organization’s Software is Important

Why Routinely Patching Your Organization’s Software is Important

Technology is increasingly important for business, which is why when making decisions about what technology to use and how to use it, decision makers need all the information they can get. You’ve probably heard of patching software, but may not know the ins and outs of it and why it is important. Since businesses today depend more on software than ever, it is extremely important that you know why it is so important to keep your business’ applications updated and patched. 

Let’s look at four benefits businesses will get out of having up-to-date software. 

Patching Software

A More Secure Network

Probably the most important reason to update your organization’s software is to improve cybersecurity. The constant (and rapid) evolution of cyberthreats make it imperative that you do everything you can to keep those threats off your network. By installing patches and updates, you do your best to protect your network and data for threats looking to use software-related vulnerabilities to break into your business’ network. 

Program Stability

Software is imperfect. Even the best software has its fair share of bugs and glitches. When new software updates are pushed out by the developers, they often fix some of the more underwhelming parts of your software. By having a consistent update and patch management strategy, you will get the software that developers intend you to have.

Innovations to the Software

Not only do software patches focus on improving security and stability of the application, they often roll out new features and other functionality that wasn’t in previous releases. By routinely updating your organization’s software, you will ensure that, should the developer of one of the software you use improve its product, that you will gain access to those beneficial features. 

Optimized Performance

If you use an application for a while, you may find that it becomes slower and less efficient due to the problems with outdated code. Regular updates are a great way for developers to address the degradation of their software by doing what they can to optimize speed and performance. The only way to keep these problems from happening is to regularly update your software.

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