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We are excited to offer your Florida, Kansas City, New York, or wherever your business is, support through our monthly Guides. These speak to everyday business users and their IT issues. We release a new guide every month on a pressing IT topic businesses are facing. Send us an email regarding IT topics you want to hear about!

Proactive IT Guide

February 2024

Proactive IT Monitoring

January 2024

Benefits Of Outsourced IT

Why outsourcing your IT services will always be better than ‘do it yourself’.

Outsourced IT Guide

Making sure you have your road set ahead of time is crucial to successful IT. 

Cybersecurity Guide

December 2023

2024 Cybersecurity Threats

Looking ahead at all of the possible cybersecurity threats for the new year.

November 2023

Home Office Security

Keeping remote workers safe and secure matters just as much as those in office.

home office security guide
AI & Your Business

October 2023

AI & Your Business

Where could Artificial Intelligence take your business, now and in the future?

September 2023

The Metaverse Explained

The Metaverse may still seem like a foreign realm, but it could affect your business.

Metaverse Explained
Microsoft Guide Picture

August 2023

Microsoft 365 Tools

There is a lot more to Microsoft 365 than people take advantage of. Learn about all the great productivity tools. 

July 2023

Human Error With Cybersecurity

Human Error is one of the biggest cybersecurity issues. Learn more. 

Human Error Cover
Data Backup Cover

June 2023

Back Up Your Data

Data Backup is one of the most important things to secure your business, especially during hurricane season.

May 2023

IT Project Planning

Here’s a guide as to how you can successfully plan IT projects.

MFA Guide

April 2023

Adopting MFA

Multi-factor authentication is one of the best ways to secure your data. 

March 2023

Learn Tech Jargon

Tired of hearing your IT Provider say words that you never understand? Here’s the full A-Z.

February 2023

Good Email Security

Email is the most attacked part of businesses. Learn how to protect your email. 

January 2023

Cloud Security

Get the most out of cloud security with this guide.

cloud security guide

December 2022

10 Year Tech Trends

8 tech trends coming up over the next decade.

November 2022

Boost Your Wi-Fi

How to get faster Wi-Fi for your in office and remote workers. 

Boost Your Wi-Fi

October 2022

Password Managers

Everything you need to know about password managers for your business.

September 2022

Complete Guide To Phishing

Everything you need to know to keep your team and data safe from Phishing.

Video Calls 101

August 2022

Video Calls 101

How to get the perfect video call set up for your business, no matter the budget. 

July 2022

An Overview Of EOS

The Entrepreneurial Operating System can help your business focus on growth and success.

Overview Of EOS

June 2022

Reduce Brain Burden

Get more done, and get interrupted less. Here are ways to lighten your task list.

May 2022

Digital IT Transformation

What can a Digital IT Transformation do for your business? Find out in this guide!

Digital IT Transformation Pic
Cloud Migration Checklist

April 2022

Cloud Migration Checklist

An essential cloud migration strategy checklist. Migrate efficiently, easily, and securely. 

March 2022


Here are 7 KPIs you can measure when looking at your ROI with IT. 

7 KPIs for ROI From IT
Work From Home Protection

February 2022

Security Working From Home

How to keep your business’s data safe during the work from home revolution. 

January 2022

Defend & Invest

Focusing on Defending & Investing your business this year is crucial. We can help.  

Are You Paying Your IT Enough?

November 2021

Are You Valuing Your IT?

Picking an IT Provider on price alone may not be the best option for your business. Learn more in this guide. 

October 2021

Why You Need Backup

What would happen if your office was on fire? This guide outlines how crucial it is to have a backup plan. 

Symmetric IT Group - Why You Need A Backup Plan
Symmetric IT Group - 10 Microsoft Apps

September 2021

10 Microsoft 365 Apps

10 useful Microsoft 365 apps you didn’t know you had access to. Leverage them for business success today. 

August 2021

Ransomware Resilience

Protect your business from being attacked. Here are 5 steps to improve your ransomware resilience.

Improve Ransomware with Symmetric IT Group
Symmetric IT Group - Most Dangerous Types of Malware
July 2021

9 Terrifying Types of Malware

These are the threats to worry about. An easy read guide to the 9 most terrifying types of malware.
June 2021

Biggest Security Threat

The biggest security threat to your business in on your payroll. Revealed: The real cost of insider attacks- and your strategy to prevent them.
Symmetric IT Group - Biggest Security Threat
Symmetric IT Group - Repair or Replace

May 2021

Repair or replace?

The 7 red flags to look out for in determining when it’s the right time to bite the bullet and buy new devices?

May 2021

Top 5 Questions

Top 5 questions business owners and managers are asking, that we just love to say ‘YES’ to.

Symmetric IT Group - The Top 5 Questions

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Are you exposed to cybersecurity, or technology obsolescence risks? Are their ways to reduce your ongoing Managed IT Support costs or improve business operations?

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Are you exposed to cybersecurity, or technology obsolescence risks? Are their ways to reduce your ongoing Managed IT Support costs or improve business operations?

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