Business Continuity

Keep your data protected from downtime

Keep Your Data Protected from Downtime and Data Loss from Anything Thrown Its Way

  • Are you concerned about the capabilities of your current Managed IT Services provider? 
  • Are you becoming increasingly worried about Data Loss or Disaster Recovery? 
  • Have you gone through a Data Loss or Disaster and want to do everything you can to avoid it again? 
  • Does your security stack cover a Comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery solution?
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Business Continuity Services

What is Business Continuity?

Backup Services from Axcient for X360

Backup Services from Veeam

Redundant Internet Service Providers

Redundant Firewall for Load Balancing and failover

Offsite Server Recovery Services

Server Room Rebuilds and Organization

Need Custom Business Continuity Services?

The best Business Continuity services Tampa, Upstate NY and Kansas City

Disasters of Every Magnitude Can Affect Your Business

Disasters of every magnitude affect businesses. Protecting our client’s data is our top priority when we are creating data backup and disaster recovery planning stacks for them. Therefore, we plan multi-layered offerings that include disaster recovery plans as well to protect against any potential disasters for you be prepared when they happen!

A lot can change within days or weeks depending on how severe your business’s situation is. You would be surprised how many clients turn down a full protection stack, just to come back after a major disaster or data loss days, months, or even years later wishing they had been prepared. Just like insurance, you don’t get protected after a catastrophe happens! 

Symmetric IT Group’s  Complete IT Disaster Recovery Stack does everything in the industry to protect your information and get it back faster than ever.

Run Your Business Without Having To Worry About The Security Of Your Data

The process is simple…

Your Review

Once you schedule a consultation, you’ll have taken the first step to predictable and cost-effective IT support with improved business operations.

Find Improvements

During an exploration meeting, we evaluate your current situation, find the gaps and improvements, then implement a customized plan together. You’ll experience data protection so you can sleep better at night and focus on growing your business.

Stabilize Systems

We believe Managed IT Services should deliver a competitive advantage. You deserve to run your business without having to worry about IT support or the security of your data. We help you stabilize systems so that you can strategically grow your business securely.

Data Server Management

How Much Does It Cost To Have A 24-Hour Outage To Your Business?

The Average Cost Of Downtime For Businesses Is $12 Million!

Local Instant Data Recovery
Office365 Backups and Recovery past 30 days.
Cloud file sharing – Ransomware flashback recovery
Local Virtual Server Spin up during Physical Outage of Equipment
Redundant Firewalls with Failover Internet Connections.
Cloud Virtual Server and Network Spin up during complete Office outage.

The Symmetric Promise

You Will Always Be Informed

We provide a yearlong schedule and deliver performance metrics regularly. You get a copy of every ticket and will be constantly updated each time there is a change and upon resolution.

Your Data is Safe

When you implement our recommended plan completely, your information is always safe and secure. We follow the highest industry standards for data security and will always work with you to help you protect information.

We Are Your Strategic Partner

We get to know your business, your objectives, and your processes intimately. Then we work with you to customize a technology strategy to match your current and future business operational needs.

Grow Your Business Now

Many business leaders are frustrated by the issues, cost, and increasing complexity of IT systems. We offer professional Managed IT Services that identify technology gaps, business and cybersecurity risks, then correct, protect, and proactively monitors systems. So, you have predictable costs, better business operations, and confidence that IT is working for your business.

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Are you exposed to cybersecurity, or technology obsolescence risks? Are their ways to reduce your ongoing Managed IT Support costs or improve business operations?

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