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SMBs That Experience a Data Breach

A 2019 study by the National Cyber Security Alliance found that 46% of SMBs surveyed believe they are a very likely target for cybercriminals, and those who experienced a breach were significantly impacted.

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What Is Disaster Recovery?

To ensure that your company can continue to operate in the event of a natural or human-induced disaster, it is imperative you have proper offsite server disaster recovery plans. These steps will help keep vital technology infrastructure and systems up-and running following any type of crisis.

Disasters of every magnitude affect businesses. Protecting our client’s data is a top priority for us when we are creating backup and disaster offsite server recovery plans that they need to protect against any potential disasters in order be prepared! We plan multi-layered offerings with both premeditated precautions as well so you’ll always know what steps we will take place if there ever was an emergency at your company.

IT Vendor Management

Backup & Disaster Recovery Services Stacked

Backups are no longer enough to protect your business from the often-fatal consequences of data breaches. Cybersecurity insurance providers frequently require a full disaster recovery process as prerequisites for coverage- meaning that even if you have good security practices in place and don’t suffer any losses yourself; it’s possible they’ll deny claims by other companies who did get hacked!

With all this risk surrounding online transactions (and more), small businesses need multi layered solutions.


We all know that disasters can strike at any time, but did you also realize how expensive they might be? In 2021 nearly half (47%) of backup jobs failed and 39% restored within the expected SLA. That means almost 50 percent may not result in adequate recovery for your business! This statistic shows why incident response planning is critical. With Axcient, you get the best benefits and features.

Chain-Free technology to improve results and simplify management

Anti-ransomware security technology

Automated backup integrity testing

Virtual Office self-managed disaster recovery 

Unlimited storage and retention

Direct-to-Cloud hardware-free backup and disaster recovery (BDR)

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