Co-Managed Cloud Solutions

Looking to incorporate Azure into your Florida business? Symmetric IT Group has you covered.

What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

We believe in TEAMS, not just Microsoft Teams but collaborating minds that can work together for the common good of a company, no matter what size. We extend our expertise and tools for your technology personnel through Co-Managed IT Services to allow better reach, better organization, and of course better IT support, without stepping on your internal IT team’s toes. We are simply here to make your IT Team’s job a little easier. This includes Cloud Solutions. 

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What Are Professional IT Services

What Are M365 Cloud Services?

To get the teamwork and productivity benefits of Microsoft 365, deploying the cloud services may be the option that best fit your organization’s needs

If you have existing server-based deployments for Exchange, SharePoint, or Skype for Business and want to migrate your entire organization to Microsoft 365 for enterprise, we can help. We provide M365 Cloud Services and Microsoft Managed Services to help businesses optimize their software and applications. With our Co-Managed M365 Cloud Solutions, we can help your Internal IT Team by reducing some of their stress and workload and manage the Cloud for your business. 

How Co-Managed Can Take Some Stress Off Your Internal IT Team

24/7 Systems Monitoring & Alerting
Someone to Help & Let Internal IT Take a Break
Best Practice Guidelines
General Help Desk Support – We Can Answer Your Phone
Enterprise Consulting & IT Budget Planning
M365 Cloud Solutions

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