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Scary Statistics

80% of security breaches involve compromised passwords.
Most employees reuse the same password up to 14 times across accounts.
65% of people have admitted to reusing passwords.
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Have $2 Million To Spare?

Did you know that the average attacked business loses $2 million per year to cybercrime? 2FA is a sure way to keep your business safe. When you use 2-factor authentication, not even the toughest hacker can get into an account without also knowing both codes. With our partner DUO, businesses have simple access security that protects their team members from external threats like phishing schemes and account takeover hacks.

2 Factor Authentication Service Benefits

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps by adding an extra layer on top of password managers. Once installed, your login to various accounts will require two forms of identification before getting access: usually a numeric code sent directly from the phone number registered with that device/service and sometime another type requires input through text message or voice recognition respectively instead depending upon what system has been set up for them.

2FA Services

Additional 2 Factor Authentication Features

Verify identity in seconds

Protect any application on any device

Easily deploy DUO in any environment

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