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Scary Statistics

$3.9 million is the average cost of a data breach.
Online payment fraud will cause the ecommerce industry $25 billion annual losses by 2024.
$20 billion was the cost of ransomware worldwide in 2021.
On average, paying victims of ransomware only got back 65% of their data.
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Florida Application Whitelisting

What Is Application White Listing by Threatlocker

Application Whitelisting is a powerful and effective way to protect your business from known as well unknown executables. Unlike antivirus, which simply blocks malicious software without stopping other un-permitted applications on their network; allowlisting from our partner ThreatLocker puts you in control of what can run – keeping unwanted cyber threats at bay.

Malware and ransomware are becoming more common in today’s world. They can copy or encrypt your files within minutes, but we’ve got you covered with our Application Control feature that uses default deny other safety defenses to protect against known malware threats so it doesn’t affect business operations!

Application Whitelisting by Threatlocker Benefits

With Allowlisting you can stop unauthorized applications from running on your devices that is not a part of the list. This helps to stop cyberattacks from happening across your network

Firewall-like application policies

A powerful firewall-like policy engine that allows you to permit or deny application access

Time-Based Policies

Permit access to applications for a specified amount of time

Built-In Applications

ThreatLocker automatically adds new information when application and system updates are released, allowing you to keep up to date

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