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The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

A recent IBM study found that 95% of Security Incidents are originated by the actions of an end user. Many of these incidents occur because the end user unsuspectingly clicks on a malicious link in an email or on a website. Malicious code injected into an end user’s computer can result in viruses, trojans, phishes, ransomware or a combination of all of these. These security incidents can cost your organization time, money, customers, or all of these. The best defense is a good offense – train your employees to look for and avoid Phishing emails. We can help you do that with Automated Phishing Campaigns.

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Automated Phishing Campaigns Really Work

Working with Symmetric IT Group, we will plan Simulated Phishing Attacks on your end user base. Simulated Phishing will be setup to automatically send phishing emails to your employees on a defined schedule:

  • Collect data on which employees fall susceptible to the Phishing emails and click on what would have otherwise been a malicious link
  • Phishing fail rate will be used in determining the employee’s overall Employee Secure Score (See the Employee Vulnerability Assessment section below)

How It Works

We will measure the “click-through” rate on these Phishing emails and report back to you. Continuous Phishing is required to keep your employees vigilant in looking for and avoiding malicious links.

When an employee clicks on a malicious link, they will be sent to a web page with our logo that will explain to them what happened, and they will be directed to remedial training. By utilizing training the moment an employee interacts with a mock phishing email, you can explain what happened, outline the dangers associated with real attacks, and give practical advice about avoiding future traps.

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