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6.5 billion email threats were quarantined in 2021, 12.5% Increase over 2020

Phishing increased in 2021 by 11%
US is the most common point for attached Malware in 2021
240% increase over 2020 for malware traffic

What Is Email Spam Protection?

With increases in social engineering, broad-based spam, and targeted attacks, cybercriminals are exploiting known vulnerabilities in the biggest email providers to steal privileged information. In many cases, businesses don’t catch the breach, don’t know how to assess the damage, or don’t have tools for remediation.

  • Attacks are growing more comprehensive and technically savvy 
  • The costs of a breach are rising
  • Reputational risks are growing
  • The best remediation is prevention

Ninety-six percent of threats begin with email, reports Verizon. Email Threat Protection secures this major vulnerability in a way that’s straightforward to implement and manage. Plus, as  an integral part of Secure Cloud, Email Threat Protection works seamlessly with other AppRiver Security, Compliance, and Productivity services. Together, they form a fully integrated platform that allows partners and customers to create a secure, modern workplace.

  • Superior efficacy against email-borne threats 
  • Advanced protection against even zero-hour attacks 
  • Integrates seamlessly
  • Intuitive and user-friendly

AppRiver Email Spam Protection Benefits

The multi-layer filtering engine delivers an extraordinary level of accuracy that reduces both false negatives (bad emails getting in) and false positives (good emails kept out). This reduces the time you spend managing the system and reduces friction for users.

Email Spam Services

Additional Features

Automatic defense

Dashboards for intuitive management

Simple and intuitive when needed

Mobile Access

Advanced Email Threat Protection is easy to use

The 99.9% catch rate and ultra low false-positive rate means there’s less need to manage a quarantine

At-a-glance updates on threats and highly-targeted users

Message Retraction for Microsoft 365

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