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What is Employee Tracking?

With the ever-evolving hybrid workforce, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for upper management to track and acknowledge when employees are going the extra mile, working weekends, long hours, etc… Triton gives businesses the capability to track just that, allowing them to properly acknowledge employees who are performing above and beyond. This helps avoid employee burnout, and job turnovers due to feelings of underappreciation and lack of acknowledgement. 

Triton is careful to avoid a heavy-handed intrusion, reporting does not include keystrokes, or screenshots. Triton gives you the capability to see which endpoints were using specific applications and websites, as well as how long they were using them for, all while showing any idle or lock times that occur throughout the day. 

Productive IT Monitoring
Employee Productivity Tracking

What is Web Filtering?

Many jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022, and remote opportunities will continue to increase through 2023. Traditional security platforms like corporate firewalls and VPNs don’t take into consideration a lot of the new work trends, like a hybrid work schedule.

With Archon, whether employees are working from home or, on the guest Wi-Fi at an airport a thousand miles away from their office, they remain completely protected. Archon was built with geographic diversity in mind.

One of the biggest frustrations with any web filtering solution is the latency. Zorus has solved this by using geographically dispersed, cloud-based technology, similar to how Content Delivery Networks speed up web requests, and because we use an AWS backbone, you won’t even notice Archon working in the background with your employee productivity tracking.

Safe Guard with Web Filtering

Protect your clients everywhere they’re doing business.

Stop ransomware before it becomes a threat
Filter and eliminate phishing activity
Block botnet traffic from your network


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