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Strengthening the Muscle

90-95% of all breaches are caused by human error.

Breach Secure Now

The Leading Cause Of Data Breaches

Employee mistakes are one of the leading cause of data breaches. A focus on improving employee security strength will help organizations minimize the chance of data breaches.

Continuous security awareness training, testing, and evaluation is required to turn employees from a company’s weakest security link to their strongest first line of protection. Learn how employee vulnerability training can help your business.

What Is Information Security

Employee Vulnerability Training

Symmetric IT Group has put together an Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA) that helps organizations train end users on IT Security and identify and implement the proper safeguards to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive company data. The Employee Vulnerability Assessment includes:

  • The Security Baseline Phishing and Training service provides in-depth training on data security as well as advice for best practices in protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive company data. The training is provided in an online format which is both engaging and convenient to staff members.
  • This security awareness training program is available to current and newly hired staff members.

Training usually takes around 45 minutes to complete. Staff members can start a training session and stop and resume the session from where they left off. They can take the training during work hours or complete the training at home after hours. 

Once staff members have completed the online training, they will take a 20-question online quiz to demonstrate their knowledge regarding data security.  If they receive a score of 80% or higher, they will receive a certificate with their name that acknowledges that they have successfully completed the Security Training. If they do not receive an 80% score on the quiz, they can retake it as many times as they need to.

When the entire staff has completed training, a report can be accessed that lists each of the staff members, the date they took the training and the highest score they received on the training quiz.

Micro Quizzes Make Cybersecurity Stick

A continuous cycle of assessment, education, reinforcement, and measurement maximizes learning and lengthens retention. To provide reinforcement as an adjunct to our IT Security Awareness Training and Testing, we also provide Security Awareness Micro Trainings.

The Micro Trainings are delivered via email each week to your end users. The content of the Micro Training reinforces topics covered in the Security Awareness Training Testing.

Micro Training content comes in the form of a 2-3 minute video for your employees to watch. Micro Training helps keep end users aware of IT Security issues every time they use your computers and your network resources.

Micro Trainings are archived on our portal, and all users can go back and re-watch Micro Training videos at any time.

Our Convenient Dashboard

All services are presented through a visually appealing and simplistic dashboard within the portal.

EVA is a mechanism that provides insight into an organization’s individual employee security risk score. This individualized Employee Secure Score (ESS) is assigned based on the employee’s commitment to continuous cybersecurity training and adherence to corporate defined security policies and best practices.  

Simulated phishing attacks, annual and weekly micro training, company security policy review and acceptance and the compilation of dark web scan results, are a few factors that contribute to whether the rating of Low, Medium, or High is assigned to an employee. This ESS can quickly gauge which employees pose the greatest risk to an organization and might be the most likely to cause a data breach.

Simplistic manager reporting allows an organization to easily turn their weakest link into their strongest defense.

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