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61% of breaches involved credential data
6.5 billion email threats were quarantined in 2021, 12.5% Increase over 2020

The median for incidents with an impact was $21,659 in 2021.

Ransomware appears in 10% of breaches

What Is Email Encryption?

It’s all too easy for employees to send sensitive information to the wrong parties over the open internet. But if you secure it, you raise your passive threat defense and empower everyone to communicate safely outside of your network. AppRiver scans the content of all your outbound email and automatically encrypts based on policies you define, for any email environment to secure your mailbox far beyond its native capabilities.

How Can Encrypted Email Improve Workflow?

With remote work, employees are looking for an intuitive way to share and receive large files and may turn to Shadow IT solutions for help. Secure Large File Add-on empowers users to collaborate easily using the email tools they already know, while allowing administrators to enforce compliance policies.

The service can also provide senders and managers insight into what caused an email to encrypt, helping to promote awareness of your email compliance policies. And if an unauthorized employee sends an email with sensitive content, AppRiver can quarantine the message and alert management for review. 

Who Needs Encryption?

If you deal with any of the below, you need encryption: 

  • Financial (GLBA and SOX)
  • Healthcare (HIPAA and medical research)
  • Education (FERPA)
  • Title and real estate industry 
  • State privacy
  • Human Resources
  • Social Security numbers
  • Credit card numbers

AppRiver Email Encryption Is Next Level

No-Brainer Encryption Tool

Significantly lowers the chance of user error and increases awareness of sensitive information inside emails and attachments.

Largest Encryption Network in the World

100% of emails between AppRiver members travel over a secure network—including between customers and partners.

Transparent Gateway Encryption

No extra steps or passwords for senders or recipients. As easy as regular email. (Uses S/MIME)

Gold Standard in Email Encryption

20+ years of experience encrypting emails for some of the most sensitive institutions in healthcare, finance, and government.


  • Protect sensitive and confidential data
  • Seamlessly and securely share large documents
  • Convenient user experience
  • No training needed—no more forgetting to click “encrypt”
  • Visibility into encrypted email for improved compliance
  • DLP filters act as a safety net for user errors
  • Multiple secure delivery options
  • Simple to manage and support from one Secure Cloud interface
  • Phenomenal Care support
Employee Phishing Training

Threat Map

Information Security Services

Why Invest In Email Encryption?

  • Send and receive encrypted messaged
  • Content scanning with advanced content filters
  • Advanced Message control and notification
  • Supports regulatory compliance requirements
  • Phenominal care support 
  • And much more!

Additional Features

Seamless Integration

We work with hosted and on-prem email systems. In the middle of an infrastructure change? We can take care of you then too.

Quick Deployment

The knowledge and tenure of our deployment team will give you confidence that you'll be up and running in no time

Training Not Needed

That's the beauty of automatic scanning. Anticipate questions anyway? We include a custom user awareness portal for those.

Detailed Reporting

Give your security and compliance teams peace of mind with summary reports, as well as deatiled analysis of individual messages.

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