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What Is A vCIO?

A Virtual Chief Information Officer, or vCIO, is the dedicated technology liaison for your company. They provide consultation for your technology strategy as a third-party, as opposed to an in-house CIO. Symmetric IT Group offers this service to all of our clients. 

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How Do vCIO Services Benefit Your Florida Business?

The vCIO defines IT objectives and plans the technology roadmap for the company, allowing the company to plan and budget for IT initiatives. The vCIO proactively plans proposals for new projects to improve the business’s long-term prospects, and defines these objectives based on the company’s needs and budget. They are focused on providing you with a strong recommendation framework which is consistently modified as your organization’s goals evolve.

Our Technical Strategy Process

Technology Strategy Process/Meeting (TSM) is a meeting with the vCIO, VP of Sales, and the Client’s technology decision makers taking place at regularly scheduled intervals to discuss their business and how you can better support them achieve their business objectives through the use of technology. 

TSMs should be strategic, rather than tactical, in nature. This is a chance for us to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s future and to strategize as to how we can deliver more value based on those factors. In doing so, we step out of a “vendor” role and into more of a “business advisor” one. This helps build trust, which in turn solidifies our relationship with the client.

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