What Is NCE

What Is NCE (Microsoft New Commerce Experience)?

Microsoft recently unveiled a multi-stage, multi-year investment in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program to help companies reduce complexity and achieve better purchasing flexibility.

The Microsoft New Commerce Experience brings the CSP program into alignment with other programs, such as the Enterprise Agreement. It includes new licensing and monthly subscription options so that all customers have a consistent purchasing experience and are subject to the same terms and conditions for cloud purchases regardless of the Microsoft sales motion.

Microsoft NCE - what is nce

We Can Help Your Business Transition

We know that all businesses rely on M365 to keep their operations, communications, and more propelling forward. We also know that change can be frustrating, especially when it comes to your technology.

With the help of our Partner AppRiver, we are here to help you through this transition as seamlessly as possible. Below are some of the most popular questions regarding the new Microsoft Pricing.

Microsoft Pricing FAQs

Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience will soon be the platform on which all CSP products and services, such as Microsoft 365, are provisioned. As a part of Microsoft’s global effort to streamline, the New Commerce Experience will make the selling process, requirements, and capabilities much more consistent across the Microsoft ecosystem.

Customers may transition to the New Commerce Experience without waiting for existing subscriptions to end. We encourage customers to speak with their account manager to schedule an NCE Consultation to ensure you are able to take advantage of Microsoft’s promotional period for the New Commerce Experience.

Microsoft is making 1-month, 12-month, and 36-month subscription terms available in the New Commerce Experience. Monthly subscription terms will be priced 20% higher than the monthly cost of annual or multi-year subscriptions, consistent with the terms of the Microsoft Web Direct program. Multi-year subscriptions enable a customer to lock in the annual pricing for three years, consistent with the terms of Enterprise Agreements.

Customers can add seats to an existing subscription at any time during a subscription term, and all additional seats will have the same per-user cost as the existing seats during the subscription term. Seats can only be decreased at the end of the 1-month, 12-month, or 36-month subscription.

The New Commerce Experience is designed to bring the CSP program into alignment with other purchase motions in new commerce, as well as existing Microsoft licensing programs, such as the Enterprise Agreement. This ensures that all customers have a consistent purchasing experience and are subject to the same terms and conditions. The higher pricing for the monthly-term option is in line with standard practice in the Microsoft Web Direct program, with licensing programs of competitors, and in other subscription-based businesses and industries.

New Commerce Experience subscriptions are not transferable during the subscription term. Customers may also have a mix of annual and monthly term subscriptions for the same service.

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