Advanced Firewall

What Is A Firewall?

Did you know Cybercrimes have increased by nearly 300% since 2020? Firewalls are a common way to protect networks from outside threats like hackers. They monitor and control incoming traffic, while letting outbound pass through with prescribed rules depending on what’s needed for your situation – this ensures safety even if you’re simply browsing the web! 

Advanced Firewalls

Benefits of Our Advanced Firewalls

Centrally Managed With Network Security
Simplified Set-Up
Identify & Fix Security Risks

Symmetric IT Group Advanced Firewall Services

Achieving ultimate security for your data centers has never been easier with Symmetric IT Group Firewall services. These powerful firewalls from our partner SonicWall are designed to provide a full-proxy shield against the most common threats attempting to enter your network – ensuring that mission-critical information remains safe from malicious attack and exposure.

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